Villa Maria at Selva del Mar

Ixtapa, Mexico


Vacations are meant for relaxing.  A chance for you to get away form the daily grind of everyday life.

At Villa Maria, you won’t need to get up at 6 am to reserve your spot by the pool. You won’t be bothered by vendors selling trinkets. There won’t be anyone laying 6 inches away from you a the pool.

Rent This 2 Bedroom/Bath Penthouse Villa

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Here, you’ll see the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.  You’ll have breakfast on one of the terraces and perhaps you’ll have a beer or margarita with some friends at lunch or watching the sunset.

This is a place where you set the pace. There are no lines, no crowds, no hassles. This is where you finally get that hassle free vacation that actually is a vacation.